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Serving Your Spray Foam Needs

After working with numerous pipeline companies, we identified a need for spray foam in the local oil and gas industry. In July 2000 we incorporated, and McCormick Ventures Ltd. was formed. We are a family owned and operated business that works for oil and gas companies on a contract basis to fulfill their pipeline spray foam needs. We also provide spray foam insulation for residential and commercial clients.

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 Ditch Breakers and Plugs


 Pipe Supports/Integridy Digs

 Foam Injection Weld Joints

Residential & Commercial SPF

 Pre Formed Pipeline Pillows


 Our Sprayers are all Certified in all Spray Foam Industries.

We have worked with many different contractors all over the province to meet their needs.

Spray foam is far superior to conventional insulation methods in product effectiveness and speed.

Polyurethane foam is quickly and efficiently applied with superior results, and our units are able to spray foam in all types of terrain.

We have wheeled and skid units available.

We are one of the most experienced and longest running spray foam companies in the Peace region (20+ years).


McCormick Ventures is ISNetworld certified and emphasizes the safety of our employees, affiliates, and environment. That is why we fully adhere to all applicable laws regarding health and safety. We teach accident prevention to our employees, and count on them to carry out our strict safety procedures. This not only creates a safe work atmosphere for themselves, but for their coworkers and environment.

We believe that not only should our employees understand the importance of carrying out safety protocols, but understanding that personal protection equipment is an essential tool in performing the duties.

Contact us today  to discuss your needs!

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